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We put your money to work for years to come. Our SEO is years ahead of the competition. It's affordable enough to bring ROI with only a few sales per month, yet strong enough to maintain itself over time.

We're Partners

You will have our cell phone and personal email and a complete open-door. We'll help with any questions or problems and will happily provide updates. We are not just another faceless company--you will come to know our team, first-hand.

Monthly Reports

We provide monthly reports, ranking updates and news of interest. It's just one of many ways we keep clients aware of changes and offer recommendations to improve their businesses online.


If being prodigies weren't enough, we also belong to mastermind groups with the world's best SEOs. We compare notes on what's working and what to stay away from, as well as discuss strategies moving forward. This knowledge helps us compete at the highest levels in our industry and benefits you first-hand.

Client Love


Will Ding, CEO & Founder, Prime Digital Real Estate:

"Stephen with Sparta SEO is an absolute Rock Star when it comes to delivering results! A total professional who is a man of his word. I've been working with Stephen for a couple of months now and words can't describe the amount of value he has already added to my business! I highly recommend Stephen to any business owner who is looking to get real results and an incredible ROI for your marketing dollars."


Zahra Yusufali, business owner

"Awesome experience! I cannot say enough how grateful I am for Stephen's SEO work... it has brought top-dollar for my products and there seems to be no end-in-sight to my bottom-line. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


David Smith, former Apple employee:

"If you want to maximize your online presence and dominate your competitors in Google search results, I highly recommend Sparta SEO. Stephen and his team are experts in Search Engine Marketing, ranking, and conversions that add greatly to your bottom line."


Rheo Cabalu, Advertising & Marketing Consultant

"Stephen gets AMAZING results. We were looking to boost a client's sales in Stephen's local market by $10K a month... and BAM... Stephen brought in $20K. I cannot recommend him enough for SEO, Web Design, Lead Generation--you name it, he does it!"

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